Hossain Sohel


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Man is the child of the nature

Wildlife Education

It is said that the mind of children is made of clay.
It can be turned into deliberate shapes.
If this is done, the children become an asset of the world.
The future of the children is embedded on the proper care,
Future enriches the country.

Man is the child of the nature.
Keeps her child in her lap.
Not one or two,
millions and millions of them.

Every creature has the right to live,
freely and fearlessly.
To keep the harmony is the duty of the mankind,
nature the variation of nature.

However, we the people of cities are much far from that duty.
Our children learn about the zoology.
But it is confined in the books only.
They have no idea how amazing
the creatures can be.
Rather they fear it, dislike it and ignore it.
That is not good to humanity.